Offer for learners


  • Duration of training: 3 years as a gardener EFZ
  • Vocational school: 1 day per week
  • Attendance of various compulsory inter-company courses

The three-year training course for landscape gardeners takes place on three levels:

In the company, where the trainees learn horticultural practice from the ground up, and at vocational school during theoretical lessons. However, it is not like a general school, but tailored to everyday working life: you can apply the things you learn here directly in your work. These are, for example, plant science, technology or mathematics, so that you also have a spatial overview when building a garden. There are also inter-company training courses where budding landscape gardeners learn how to use a chainsaw, for example, or how to process natural stone.

Internal training

  • Semi-annual assessment of each learner by the vocational trainer based on the training report. Here, goals achieved, any shortcomings and personal development are discussed and new goals for the coming semester are set.


Once they have completed their training, landscape gardeners have many opportunities to climb a step (or even several!) higher on the career ladder. As a trained landscape gardener, you can work in operational practice, e.g. as a foreman or site manager.

After one year on the job, you can complete further training to become a technician or, after two years of professional experience, a master craftsman! Then you are responsible for training apprentices yourself. There is also the opportunity to study for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in landscape architecture/landscaping with the degree in your pocket.